The SyberVision Training System Includes: 60-minutes of video with Muscle Memory Programming sequences for driving, fairway woods, long irons, short irons, pitching, chipping, sand and putting. Com-prehensive Online Training Guide with four audio modules.
When SyberVision's Classic Golf program was first introduced in the mid 1980's it quickly became the world's best selling golf training program and remains so today. The program was recently converted to digital video (i.e., smartphone, pad viewing) for a new generation of golfers. This classic program is as effective today as when it was first introduced.

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Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. For the Vast Majority of Golfers It Only
Consolidates Imperfection. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

Experience the Equivalent of Hours of
Perfect Practice with SyberVision's
Muscle Memory Programming Technology

Once the only way to train in golf was to put in long frustrations hours of lessons and practice. Doing this, most golfers only reinforce their bad habits. Now, SyberVision brings you a faster, easier and more effective way. Called "Muscle memory Programming" it works like no other method to form new, fundamentally sound habits, break old bad habits, cure slumps, and improve your game. And, it's GUARANTEED to work.

Based on SyberVision's breakthrough research at Stanford University, "Muscle memory programming" is an easy-to-use system that takes advantage of the way your body and mind learn best visually. (Click here for a technical explanation of SyberVision's Muscle Memory Programming technology).

It's Easy and the Results Are Immediate

Simply watch PGA Champion (Mr. 59) A; Geiberger execute his perfect form. Each swing is presented on the SyberVision DVD in such a way that as you watch, your body and mind respond as if you were physically performing the swing (the drive, fairway wood, ling iron, short iron, pitch, chip, sand wedge and putt), perfectly over and over again. Geiberger's perfect form is repeated again and again in exquisite and crystal-clear detail.

As you watch, you'll fee as if you're playing along with Geiberger. That's the muscle memory programming at work, giving your body a lesson in perfect golf motion grooving golf perfection deep into your mind and body.

sybervision muscle memory programming golf

Guaranteed to Play the Best Golf of Your Life

Your body's response to the DVD is just the beginning of your muscle memory training experience. When you get out on the course, you'll recall the sight, sound and feeling of every motion you experienced while watching the DVD and gradually recreate it as you drive, pitch, chip and putt. You'll get closer and closer to playing perfection every time you watch your SyberVision DVD.

If you now score in the 100's and 90's, you'll soon be scoring in the mid 80's and 70's. This program has helped over a million golfers transform their games. And, SyberVision GUARANTEES it will do the same for you.

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"SyberVision is a powerful training program that will allow any golfer to master the fundamentals of the game, sharpen competitive concentration and build a reservoir of rich performance memory." Dave Yates, Former Head Golf Coach, Stanford University reporting on results of SyberVision testing at Stanford.

Powerful Testimonials Attest
to SyberVision's Effectiveness

golf magazine sybervision topp 100 instructors
sybervision golf muscle memory programming video

Does SyberVision's Muscle Memory Programming for Golf really work? Ask Golf Magazine's staff of America's top 100 teaching professionals. These teaching pros are the elite of the world's top golf teachers selected by Golf Magazine.

In 2004, Golf magazine asked them to choose, our of the thousands of golf training videos ever produced, the most effective. They chose SyberVision. Why? Because it delivers what it promises more than any other golf training system ever developed.

These teachers and their students experience dramatic improved. And, so can you in only a few days from now!

Read what others have to say about this remarkable video-based Muscle Memory Programming technology.

sybervision golf guarantee

What the Media Has to Say About SyberVision

pga sybervision best golf training program

"The result of SyberVision is an immediate and dramatic improvement in your in your game." PGA Magazine

"Studies have proven that athletes learn physical skills more quickly through visual images...(SyberVision) produced positive results ... and has the potential to help create a superior athlete." Sports Illustrated Read the Full Article Here

'Studies have proved that athletes learn physical skills more quickly through visual images
'With SyberVision I won the long driving accuracy contest, hit more greens in regulation than ever before, and shot one of my best rounds of golf ever. It was so phenomenal that I wrote a full page article about my positive experience.' Pat Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle

"As the golf writer for the San Francisco Chronicle I was skeptical when I first heard about SyberVision. I decided to do a story on it so I purchased the program. To my surprise, the results were amazing. After a few days of SyberVision training I entered a Pro-Am tournament at the Olympic Club. To my surprise I won the long driving accuracy contest, hit more greens in regulation than ever before, and shot one of my best rounds of golf ever. It was so phenomenal that I wrote a full page article about my positive experience." Pat Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle

"To be quite honest, there are very few videos that I recommend to my students. One is SyberVision. It shows excellent swing technique with outstanding timing and tempo. It's simply the best!" Susan Young, LPGA Pro, Golf Commentator KGO-TV

'To be quite honest, there are very few videos that I recommend to my students. One is SyberVision. It shows excellent swing technique with outstanding timing and tempo. It's simply the best!' Susan Young, LPGA Pro, Golf Commentator KGO-TV
'Stanford research shows that the mathematically precise tempo and rhythm presented on the SyberVision video activates your brain's visual learning system resulting in an increase of positive muscle memory and greatly improved performance' San Jose Mercury News

"Stanford research shows that the mathematically precise tempo and rhythm presented on the SyberVision video activates your brain's visual learning system resulting in an increase of positive muscle memory and greatly improved performance" San Jose Mercury News

Some of History's Greatest Athletes
Endorse & Work with SyberVision

Most great athletes learn their skills by visual learning: Triple Olympic Gold Medal winner, skier Jean-Claude Killy; Baseball Hall of Famer and the greatest hitter for average in the history of Major League Baseball Rod Carew; one of the greatest women tennis champions of all time Chris Evert; Wimbledon Men's Tennis champion Stan Smith; PGA champions Hale Irwin, Patty Sheehan, Dave Stockton, and Al Geiberger (the first PGA golfer to score a 59 (called by Sport's Illustrated "the greatest athletic achievement of the 20th century").

All used SyberVision visual learning techniques to learn and master their skills. When SyberVision was first introduced in the 1980's they all joined the SyberVision staff of model athletes.

Olympic Champion Jean-Claude Killy

"I learned as a boy to ski by watching and emulating an Olympic champion downhill skier at my father's ski resort in Val d'Isère, France. During the day I would watch him ski. Then, late in the afternoon when the mountain was closed, I would ski pretending I was him and visualizing myself as an Olympic champion. That's how I learned my skiing skills.

"When I learned about SyberVision I volunteered to be the SyberVision model for downhill skiing. In my opinion, SyberVision is the most advanced and effective training technology the world has to offer."Jean-Claude Killy, Three-Time Olympic Downhill Skiing Gold Medalist

Olympic Champion Jean-Claude Killy
'The art of hitting a baseball is primarily visual. Rod Carew,Member Baseball Hall of Fame. MLB's Greatest Hitter for Average.

Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew

"The art of hitting a baseball is primarily visual. First, you have to see the ball and then react instinctively to whatever variety of pitch is thrown.

"My instinctive hitting skills were first learned by watching other great hitters and repeatedly picturing in my mind their timing, tempo, rhythm and form and then going out and succeeding. It's the key to consistency.

"I don't endorse much. I'm very selective. But SyberVision is incredible. It works as advertised. I especially love the golf programs." Rod Carew,Member Baseball Hall of Fame. MLB's Greatest Hitter for Average.

Women's Tennis Great Chris Evert

"All great athletes know the importance of learning and mastering high-performance skills through repeatedly watching other great athletes, imagining the fundamentals they exemplify and then enhancing your own abilities and skills through executing what you've seen and experienced in your mind's eye. The better the athlete you watch, the better you learn and play.

"I chose to be the SyberVision model for women's tennis because I have personally experienced the power of visual learning and I believe SyberVision has captured, in it's technology, the essence of this power." Chris Evert, One of History's Greatest Women Professional Tennis Champions

Wimbledon Champion Stan Smith

"SyberVision is truly a breakthrough in sports training. I've seen it work wonders in all of the sports in which it has been applied especially golf, tennis and skiing. That's why I chose to be the model for SyberVision's Men's Tennis program.

"I was surprised to learn that Jean-Claude Killy used the my SyberVision tennis program to greatly improve his tennis. He had such dramatic improvement that he agreed to be SyberVision's model for downhill skiing." Stan Smith, Wimbledon Tennis Champion.

PGA Champion Dave Stockton

"I've always noticed when I watch good, consistent putters, my own putting game greatly improves.

"SyberVision captures that phenomenon. SyberVision delivers what it promises. That's why I chose to lend my name to SyberVision and work with SyberVision as the model for putting." Dave Stockton PGA Golfer

SyberVision Chosen by Callaway & Bobby Jone's Daughter

SyberVision founder Steve DeVore, working in partner-ship with Ely Callaway (founder of Callaway Golf), Clara Jones(daughter of legendary golfer Bobby Jones) and Jack Nicklaus, introduced the "Bobby Jones 'How I Play Golf' Film Collection" — a video collection of 18 instruc-tional golf films Bobby Jones produced in the early 1930's for theatrical release.

The films masters were thought lost but were rediscov-ered by Callaway and Ted Turner in a film preservation cave in St Louis, MO.

Clara Jones wanted SyberVision to re-introduce the films to a new generation of golfers because she felt that SyberVision's revolutionary training technology best exemplified her father's learning and teaching philosophy.

Jack Nicklaus introduced the "SyberVision Bobby Jones Collection" in a 30-minute documentary commercial and hosted the program. The program was broadcast throughout the world It became an immediate bestseller.

SyberVision Golf Sweeps Japan

Yashido Yahiro, Chairman, Mitsui Corporation, Japan's largest company said: "After watching the SyberVision golf program my entire game has been dramatically transformed. It is almost a miracle!

"The effect has been so powerful that I ordered our Medical Technology Division to commission a study on the Stanford/SyberVision technology.

"They found it such a breakthrough that we commissioned SyberVision to allow us to build SyberVision Golf Centers
throughout Japan and a learning center in our corporate head-quarters in Tokyo.


SyberVision Training Theater, Mitsui Corporate Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

"At my country club, we have formed
the SyberVision Club which includes some of Japan's most influential

Japan's most influential leaders including Chairman Toyoda of Toyoda Motor Company, and among other notables, the Prime Minister of Japan. SyberVision is so popular in Japan that it has even inspired SyberVision super-hero comic books. It is truly a breakthrough technology." Yashido Yahiro, Chairman, Mitsui Corporation

Dramatic Improvement with Stanford Golf Team

"Members of our Stanford golf team experienced dramatic improvement with SyberVision. Research here shows that watching the SyberVision video is the near equivalent of hours of perfect practice. SyberVision will allow any golfer to master the fundamentals of the game, sharpen competitive concentration and build a reservoir of rich performance memory." Dave Yates, former Stanford Golf Coach

SyberVision Helps Break Course Record at Arizona State

Linda Vollstedt, Women's Golf Coach at Arizona State University throws up her hands. One of her players keeps swinging way too fast. Nothing Vollstedt suggests is improving her swing. Then she remembers the SyberVision video packed in her suitcase. She gives it to her fast swinger and tells her to spend the weekend watching it.

On Monday morning, Vollstedt's problem swinger sets a course record for low scoring. "I thought SyberVision would help her mentally picture good tempo," recalls Vollstedt, "but I never dreamed she'd break a record."

High-Handicap Golfers: Must Read Testimonials

"It's Everything it Promises to Be and More"

"If your part of "Generation Y", such as myself, then chances are you haven't heard of SyberVision. It was one of the best-selling golf training programs in the 80's and 90's, I discovered it at my dentist's office in an article in Golf Magazine about the best golf training videos. America's Top 100 Golf pro's" voted on the best golf training videos of all time. Two of the top three were SyberVision. So, I decided to give it a shot.

"I've had more in improvement in my game with this video than all of the other things I've ever tried, lessons, videos, training aids, books, articles, etc,). It's everything it promises to be and more." Mike Edelson Blog, New York, New York

Handicap Reduced by 10 Strokes in 30 Days

"I have knocked 10 strokes off my handicap in less than a month, going from a struggling 90 player to an 80 scorer, with the SyberVision Golf program." Roland Omohundro , Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shoots Par for the First Time with SyberVision

"I have never been able to break 90. My club pro loaned me his SyberVision program, I watched it three times before I played and shot an even par 72 for the first time ever!! The members of my foursome were as shocked as I was overjoyed. Thank you! Your program really works!! Jack Sommers, St. Louis, MO

Immediate & Dramatic Results

"After receiving my SyberVision golf video I was able to watch it right before I went out to play. I had been hitting duck hooks and ground balls off the tee for weeks. On the first tee, a Par 5, I hit one right down the middle 250 yards! I hit more fairways that day than I had in weeks. I can't wait to get started on the 30 day training program." John Fogarty, St. Charles, Missouri

Increases Driving by 75 Yards

"Before SyberVision, my average drives were 200 yards. I now drive consistently 275 yards!! I used to hole out with 3 to 4 putts. Now, I get off the green in mostly 2. This is an incredible program." Wayne Baumback, Scottsdale, AZ

Breaks 90 for the First Time with SyberVision

"My best score before SyberVision was 90. I've played for 8 years and haven't been able to break the barrier. The second time I played after watching the video I scored 82!. To break 90 and by 8 strokes that was a great day for me. Thank you for the SyberVision golf video." Ed Hipp, Fairfield , IA

Breaks 80 for the First Time with SyberVision

"I am now 37 and have been playing golf for the past 9 years. SyberVision has been the best thing to happen to my game yet. Let me thank you for what I consider a miracle I HAVE FINALLY BROKEN 80. Before SyberVision I never in my dreams thought it would be possible. Thank you SyberVision!" Gary Clark, Milwaukee, WI

Breaks 90 for the First Time in 25 Years

With SyberVision, I broke 90 for the first time in 25 years!" Jayne Freeman, Buffalo, New York.

How the SyberVision Technology Works

1. Sit back and relax while you watch the SyberVision model perform hundreds of perfectly executed golf swings rich in timing, tempo, and rhythm. The movement is executed at a mathematically precise tempo and rhythm that enables your brain to convert what it sees directly to your golf muscle memory.

2. The images of movement and sound are transmitted to your brain through your eyes and ears.

3. Your brain analyzes the incoming images, searches for and identifies similarly stored positive memory from your past performances, and repeatedly reinforces that memory as if you had physically performed the motion over and over again.

4. While you watch, you experience a feeling of rhythmic movement from within—the effect of the muscle memory training at work for you

5. During physical practice or play, you draw upon the stored muscle memory of perfect golf motion resulting in dramatically improved performance and lower scores.

1. Sit back and relax while you watch the SyberVision model  perform thousands of perfectly executed golf swings rich  in timing, tempo, and rhythm.

Your SyberVision Golf Training System
Comes Complete with Everything You
Need to Achieve Your Golf Potential

Your SyberVision Golf Training System includes the 60-minute muscle memory programming DVD, a digital training guide and four informative MP3 audio sessions
syberVision golf contents
The one-hour DVD features PGA Champion and swing tempo-master Al Geiberger performing perfect fundamental skills—the perfect drive, fairway wood wood, long iron, short iron, pitch, chip, sand wedge, and putt. The fundamentals of each stroke are repeated in such a way that you see, feel, and remember what you see, giving your mind and body a blueprint for golf success.

Online Personal Training Guide that shows you how and when to use your program to get the most out of our powerful technology. The disk also contains four MP3 audio sessions:

Audio One: Mind, Body & High Technology"
Mind, Body & High Technology" gives you a thorough understanding of the easy-to-learn scientific tool you're about to use.

Audio Two: The Psychology of Athletic Achievement
"The Psychology of Athletic Achievement" gives you 12 newly discovered keys to success taken from SyberVision's comprehensive studies of the world's greatest athletes.

Audio Three: The Mind of a Champion
In "The Mind of a Champion", 'Mr. 59' Al Geiberger discusses in detail the day he shot his famous 59 so you can understand and learn the physical and mental keys of low scoring golf.

Audio Four: Images of Perfection
"Images of Perfection" repeats the soundtrack on the golf DVD triggering your recollection of the images and body sensations with which the music is associated

Al "Mr. 59" Geiberger: Golf's Most Perfect Swing: "The Model from Which Every Golfer Should Learn."

Al Geiberger SyberVision Swing Model

What golfers in the history of the game have had the best swings? One of the golfers who
is always mentioned is PGA Champion Al Geiberger.

In fact, Geiberger is first player in history to shoot 59 on the PGA tour -- a feat Sports Illustrated called, "one of the most significant athletic achievements of the 20th century."
Golf Digest said Geiberger has the "perfect" swing. Geiberger possesses the golf swing which "is the model from which every golfer should learn," claims Tom Watson.

Al Geiberger: The perfect swing rich in timing, tempo & rhythm.
Watch the recently discovered newsreel of the first ever 59 shot on the PGA Tour by Al Geiberger.

When it became public that SyberVision was searching for the golfer with the perfect swing to be the model for its ground-breaking video, SyberVision founder Steve DeVore was contacted by Golf Digest's Larry Dennis. Dennis claimed that Geiberger should be that model since he was one of the few golfers who possessed pure timing, tempo, and rhythm— the key elements that makes the SyberVision muscle memory training technology work. After analyzing film of Geiberger, DeVore agreed that Geiberger's swing was the ideal for which he was looking.

Contracts were signed, schedules were made, and a seasoned film crew was commissioned. The program was filmed at Palo Alto Country Club, near the Stanford campus. The computer-enhanced sequences were filmed at a bio-mechanical laboratory in San Francisco. It took over two months to analyze and edit the final program.


Original music was composed to enhance the viewing and learning experience -- music that matched and accentuated the timing, tempo, and rhythm of Geiberger's perfect swing. The result was a new learning technology that captivated the world of golf and dramatically improved the games of hundreds of thousands of golfers.

Al Geiberger Background

With more than 20 victories on the PGA and Senior Tours, Geiberger has been a fixture near the top of leader boards. He joined the Senior Tour in 1987 and won three times during his rookie year. He claimed his first victory in 1962, and has now made it to the winner's circle in four decades. He was voted by his peers as the '96 Senior Tour Comeback Player of the Year after notching four top-10s and his first victory in almost three years. He may be most well known for firing a 59 in 1977 at the Danny-Thomas Memphis Classic.

Senior Tour Victories
1987: Vantage Championship, Hilton Head Seniors International, Las Vegas Senior Classic
1988: Pointe/Del E. Webb Arizona Classic
1989: GTE Northwest Classic
1991: Kroger Senior Classic
1992: Infiniti Senior Tournament of Champions
1993: Infiniti Senior Tournament of Champions, GTE West Classic
1996: Greater Naples IntelliNet Challenge

PGA Tour Victories
1962: Ontario Open Invitational
1963: Almaden Open Invitational
1965: American Golf Classic
1966: PGA Championship
1974: Sahara Invitational
1975: MONY Tournament of Champions, Tournament Players Championship
1976: Greater Greensboro Open, Western Open
1977: Danny Thomas-Memphis Classic
1979: Colonial National Invitation

The Science Behind SyberVision's
Muscle Memory Programming Technology

Research proves your brain can barely tell the difference between doing something and seeing something. Seeing and doing are nearly the same. The same neurons ("mirror neurons" — watch movie at right) fire and muscle groups are stimulated, for example, when you swing a golf club or watch someone else swing a club. By using the SyberVision visual learning technology, as you watch the video model repeatedly execute the perfect golf swing, your mind and body respond as if you're doing it yourself—repeatedly and perfectly creating a rich and deep reservoir of positive muscle memory from which to draw when you play.

The result is an immediate and dramatic improvement in your play.

Pribram SyberVision
Karl Pribram, MD, PhD.
Watch this PBS Nova short to learn how your brain processes images of movement and why the SyberVision training technology works

Developed at Stanford University

The SyberVision video-based neuromuscular training technology was developed at the world-renown Stanford University Neuropsychology Research Laboratory. Dr. Karl Pribram, founder of the laboratory and Director of Advanced Research for SyberVision, pioneered the science behind SyberVision. He discovered that the language of the brain is "images" and discovered how the brain transforms images into behavior (i.e. golf swing). (See Pribram Psychology Today interview)

Discovery Equals Dramatically Improved Performance

All movement is initiated by an image. Your brain converts an image into a program that directs and guides your body's muscles and limbs though movement. Pribram learned how this process occurs and how to use this understanding to dramatically improve sport performance.

According to Pribram, your brain is a frequency analyzer. When an image comes in through your eyes, for example, your optic nerve converts the image to a nerve impulse that travels in a waveform to your brain. The rate of travel is the waveform's frequency.

Your Brain is an Image Analyzer

As the waveform hits your brain, your brain analyzes the waveform via a mathematical process called the Fourier Transform. It identifies the waveform's frequency and initiates a search throughout your brain for memory of a similar frequency. When a match is made, the two waveforms (incoming and stored) resonate with each other,similar to how the sound waves of two tuning forks resonate with each other. During resonance, the stored memory is replayed and you experience recognition or recall.

You've Experienced This Before: Smell Triggers Memory

You've probably experienced this "unfolding" of memory when your memory was triggered by a sound (song) or smell. In the case of smell, a chemical hits the olfactory bulb in your nose where it is converted to a waveform with a frequency unique to the smell. The waveform travels to the brain where it is analyzed. All memory that was associated with the smell is stimulated and unfolded — and you re-experience the original event with which the smell was associated.

Watching Brings Out the Best in You

It works the same way in golf. If you have ever hit a bio-mechanically sound golf swing (efficient movement rich in timing, rhythm, and tempo) that swing is stored as a frequency memory in your brain.

sybervision golf fourier brain holographic
When properly stimulated with repeated images of move-ment, presented in a proprietary timing sequence, the brain transforms the images of movement into muscle memory blueprints. It does this by following the principles of the Fourier Transform (see research articles)

If you watch a swing that has a similar frequency (timing, tempo, and rhythm), the image of that swing enters your eye where it is transformed by your optic nerve to a waveform that represents the unique frequency of the observed swing. The waveform travels to your brain where it is analyzed. Your brain looks for a match (a stored memory of a similar frequency). If a match is made, the incoming and your stored golf muscle memory resonate and your stored memory unfolds.

sybervision golf fourier brain holographic

Your Body Experiences Repeated Perfect Practice

During the unfolding of your stored golf swing memory, the same nerve impulses that are activated during your past performance of a perfect swing, are stimulated — having a similar neurological effect as if you were physically performing the ideal swing over and over again. The equivalent of perfect physical practice.

SyberVision uses the Fourier algorithm as a guide to present golf images in such a way that your swing memory is stimulated nearly 1,000 times per 60-minute viewing session. During this unfolding process, many people report they can feel their bodies subtly go through the motion as if their senses are being bathed in golf perfection.

This repetitive stimulation builds a neuromuscular memory reserve, similar to perfect physical practice, that you can immediately tap into during practice and play. The result is a dramatic, immediate and long-lasting improvement in your swing, your scores and your game.

Guaranteed to Be the Best Golf Investment You'll Ever Make or
Your Money Back
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